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Tracey Snelling's: Woman on the Run; Producer, Collaborator

Woman on the Run intricately mixes architecture, scale modeling, video, photography and 3-D storytelling with a heady dose of Hollywood glamour and Hitchcock-like built-in suspense. Through manipulation of scale and perception, this cutting-edge installation employs miniature recreations of urban decay and downtrodden malaise to highlight the plight of the independent woman in peril. Focusing on that film noir staple—the femme fatale—Woman on the Run straddles two realities, today’s and yesteryear’s. Initially created by artist Tracey Snelling and commissioned by Selfridges, Woman on the Run was shown at the Oxford Street location in London during Frieze 2008, before being brought to the U.S. by Idan Levin. New work is continuously added to the installation and is a collaboration between both artists.

© 2014 by Idan Levin

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